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The Best Yoga Pants for Women on Amazon, According to Hyperenthusiastic Reviewers

Best-rated yoga leggings

90 Degree By Reflex 22” Yoga Capris

“I absolutely love this brand! 90 Degree literally won me over. I was a complete Lululemon fanatic until I saw an Instagram post comparing 90 Degree leggings to Lulu without breaking the bank — but I have to disagree. These are so much better than Lulu! I literally bought eight more colors after purchasing my first pair! Love these so much.”

Best hot-yoga pants

Baleaf Women’s High Waist Yoga Pants Inner Pocket Non See-Through Fabric

“I love these leggings. The fabric is thick, passes the squat test, and doesn’t show any sweat at all. I took it for a test run to a hot-yoga class, and nothing showed up. They’ve retained their shape and fit through several washes and look great … I have three pairs: the blue, magenta, and black. I wear them daily for exercising or for going out. The price for this quality is more than fair!”

Best plus-size yoga pants

Voguemax Women’s Capri Leggings Plus Size

“These workout Capris are not so thick that they make me hot or feel heavy. I was worried about if they are see-through when I placed the order. After I got them, I found they are thick enough for that. The quality is good as well, considering the price. Would like to recommend.”

Best yoga pants with pockets

IUGA High Waist Yoga Pants Inner/Out Pocket Design

“I was very skeptical about purchasing these yoga pants, but once I received them, I fell in love! It fits all in the right places. I was afraid about my phone pulling the yoga pants down, but when I put my Galaxy Note 8 in the side pocket, it stayed and didn’t budge. Highly recommend!”

Best flare yoga pants

Spalding Women’s BootLeg Yoga Pant

“I love these pants! They are comfortable and look good; fit great all around! The fabric is a nice mid-weight — not too thin and see-through and not too bulky or heavy. They hold their shape throughout the day and don’t stretch out and sag like some other yoga pants do. The boot-cut leg has a nice tapered flare that balances out the curves and looks flattering. I’ve washed them twice so far, using regular wash and heated dry; the fabric still looks great and did not pill, shrink, or shorten. I really like this pants and will definitely order more pairs. The quality is good, the style looks nice, they fit great, and the price is affordable. Really, what more could a girl ask for?”

Best high-waisted yoga pants

Yogalicious High Waist Ultra Soft Lightweight Leggings

“My favorite leggings in the world are my Lululemon Align. These are the closest thing to those leggings! They are not see-through. Superhigh waist and great length … I should note [that] the very top of the waistband is a skinnier band, so it does not sit flush against your waist like the Aligns. Great alternative and a great price.”

Best women’s yoga shorts

90 Degree By Reflex Power Flex Yoga Shorts

“Since Lululemon stopped making longer bike shorts, I wanted a pair that would fit similarly. These are not too long and hit my thigh just right. The thickness of the material is nice, not too thin. I wear these to hot yoga with a tank top, and I like it better than long pants. I was actually surprised these were as good as they were, so I ordered another. I haven’t tried biking in them though, so not sure how they work there. Better for yoga.”

Best yoga Capris

Oalka Women’s Yoga Capris

“Very impressed with these affordable leggings. The thickness of the material and fit were better than I expected. I love to order leggings from stores like Athleta, but can’t always afford the price. These leggings feel very comparable in fit, thickness, and stretch. I wear them to barre and yoga classes, and they stay in place [and] make me feel slim … I also like that even though the material stretches a bit to fit, it didn’t become sheer and see-through.”

Best cotton yoga pants

Popular Basics Women’s Cotton Yoga Pants With Fold Down Waist

“Over the past three years, I have ordered six pairs of these pants. They are seriously the best go-to yoga-style pant I have found. Because of their cotton content, they are not as hot as so many others out there. And they have just enough spandex to hold their shape and give some muscle rebound effect, too. Love these pants! Just wish they would come in many other colors and not just colored waistbands and basic solids.”

Best fold-over yoga pants

Alki’i Luxurious Cotton Lycra Fold Over Yoga Pants

“These pants are the absolute best! They are high quality, fit beautifully, cover any areas you need covered, and if you are a stay-at-home mom like me who doesn’t want to spend the day in pajamas or jeans, these are a perfect compromise! The double fold at the waist is so perfect, I can pull them over or all the way up for full coverage while doing yoga. I bought them to do yoga in, but they have become my go-to lounge pants. They’re so nice, you can wear them out for a walk or run, too.”

Best petite yoga pants

Danskin Now Women’s Dri-More Core Bootcut Yoga Workout Pants — Petite

“Yay, a pair of yoga pants for us short people! I like to wear sweats, yoga pants, or just something comfortable around the house when I’m not going anywhere. I don’t like sweats that have elastic at the ankle, and all the yoga pants I’ve purchased previously are too long, and I end up walking with them dragging under my feet. (I’m five-three.) I was so excited to find these in petite. They fit perfect, don’t drag — even if I’m barefoot — and are so comfortable. The material is very soft, and I like that it’s not fleece. They seem to be good quality. I may just have to order a pair in blue and black, too!”

Best mesh yoga pants

RBX Active Women’s Gym Yoga Capri Length Workout Leggings with Mesh

“RBX has the best leggings. I really like these because the mesh on the side lets in a breeze, and I usually wear these to hot yoga. Love! I have worn and washed these a bunch of times, and they are opaque.”

Best tall yoga pants

Yogipace Women’s 34-Inch Inseam High-Waisted Goddess Extra Long Leggings

“Love, love, love these leggings! I’m 5-foot-11 and a size two, and these are a perfect fit in the size small. Good quality, great feel, and super long! There’s is some ruching at the ankle, allowing for the perfect scrunched look when not wearing them over the heel, but they are plenty long enough to wear over the heel as well. Super stretchy, and the high waist is not binding. The tech pocket in the back is the perfect size to fit my iPhone 6. I have found my perfect legging!”

Best harem yoga pants

Banjamath Women’s Smocked Waist Harem Yoga Pants

“I received these pants yesterday afternoon and I absolutely love them. I did not want to take them off; they are that unbelievably comfortable. Perfect for just having a lazy day around the house, meditation, or yoga. I can foresee myself buying another pair or two in the near future.”

Best yoga pants with drawstring

TownCat Women’s Modal Comfy Straight Yoga Pants

“As noted by another reviewer, these are probably not typical yoga pants, as they are a bit relaxed and loose for yoga pants. However, they are very casual pants that look good enough to be seen walking the dog in, but comfy enough to sleep in, so they are winners to me.”

Best straight-leg yoga pants

Yoga Pants for Women Black Leggings Straight Leg

“Wow. These yoga pants are a great style, thick [fabric], and I love the high waist. With the straight leg, I think you could get away with these as dress-casual pants with a longer blouse. Seriously great find. These are the yoga pants that can be worn anytime. Going back for more!”

Best patterned yoga pants

Comfy Yoga Pants

“So, I’m completely in love with these. The fabric is amazingly soft and silky. I use them for hot yoga, and they really dry very quickly. They feel very smooth, but are not slippery during class. The pattern is beautiful. Will definitely be buying another pair of these in the future. I’m six-one, and yoga pants are usually extremely short on me, but these were pretty decently long.”